dimanche 13 novembre 2016

New version: EZSolarGlider 2

New version: EZSolarGlider 2 


The EZSolarGlider 2 has been designed to introduce the following improvements:
 -The addition of an aileron control for a more enjoyable flight
 -An better aerodynamic design: the propeller is foldable, The wing is fixed by a screw instead of elastic, winglet is wider
 -The construction is more robust (thicker ribs)
And finally the aesthetic is more pleasant! All this resulted in a small increase in the weight of 10 grs,

 Its design is always based on the models launch hand, of which it uses the well known airfoils of Mark DRELA . Hence, it presents very good characteristics of flight,

It is able to fly in a moderate wind (10-15 km / h). It is in traditional balsa construction, with a carbon tube for the rear part of the fuselage. Its construction is easy, and lasts only a few evenings.

 Its main characteristics are:
 - Wingspan: 700 mm
 -Mass: 110 grs
 -War alarge: 9 grs / dm2

The design of the EZSolarGlider2 meets several requirements,  as for version 1:
- Easy construction - Very low cost thanks to the exclusive use of commercial components: Solar cells, motor, propeller, switch receiver, servos and batteries are available, The cost is around 100 €.
 - Strength: it can absorb large shocks thanks to its low inertia.

 The solar cells are fixed under the covering, which protects them from the bad handling. They are mounted in order to limit the risks of breakage.

The device has a power to weight ratio of more than 100 W / kg under  asolar illumination of 1000W / m2, which is very important and allows to fly from the month of April at11 am, and in May from 10 am to 4 pm on a sunny day at Paris (France).
The climb speed remains quite comfortable, and allows you to fly while playing with the sun. It is responsive to controls,

It is even possible to fly with a slightly veiled sun, or with small clouds. Here is the video of the first flight:

The plan of the EZSolarGlider 2 with a notice is available, sent by mail after payment. It is a PDF format  scale 1, and the notice contains all the bill of material: solar cells, motor, propeller, servos, switch, receiver and explicits the particular points of the construction
The plan is printable in several sheets A4 using the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader Its price is 12 €.

Please,send an e-mail of confirmation to SergeEncaoua@gmail.com,

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