samedi 12 mai 2018

New glider: EZSolarGlider3

New Solar GLIDER: EZ Solar Glider3


The EZ SolarGlider 3 is a 2-meter glider, which uses whole cells, unlike previous versions that required cutting cells. It is therefore easier to build. Its main features are:
-A wing without ailerons, a variable incidence mechanism ensuring the function.
-A brushless motor  + ESc 6A
The flight is pure solar A separate battery powers the receiver

  Its design is still based on hand-launch models, which he uses Mark DRELA's powerful airfoil. As a result, it has very good flight characteristics, in particular a reduced vertical speed  and a good glide.
It is able to fly in a moderate wind (10-15 km / h). It is in traditional construction in balsa, with a carbon tube for the rear part of the fuselage Its construction is simple, and lasts only a few evenings.

 Its main features are:
 -Wingspan: 2000 mm
 -Mass: 520 grs
 - Wing load: 13 / dm2
-Motor Hacker 20-50 EVO kv 1088 mass 29 grs
-Propeller : 8x5 folding prop Aeronaut
-14 cells to feed the ESC-Accus 1S 300 mah for the reception


The design of the EZSolarGlider3 meets several requirements:
- Easy building - Exclusive use of COTS components: Solar cells, motor, propeller, ESC, receiver, servos and batteries .
A very simple variable incidence mechanism simplifies construction and interfacing (no ailerons).
A first version of wing without formwork had been made, but there was flutter.
A moderate cost price, class 200-250 €.
The solar cells are fixed under the covering , which protects them from bad
manipulations.They are mounted to reduce the risk of breakage.

Views with wing version without formwork, and variable incidence mechanism:


The device has a power of more than 80 W / kg under solar illumination of 1000W / m2, which is comfortable and can fly from the month of May from 10:30 to 15:30
The climbing speed is OK, and allows to fly while playing with the sun. It is responsive to the controls, has a good glide.

Some flights were needed witn a battery 2S 300 maH to refine the settings and the position of the center of gravity, and check the minimum power consumption to fly.
Then, the final choice of the propeller was made during the first flights in pure solar.

It is even possible to fly with a low veiled sun, or with small clouds. Here is the video of the first flight, which took place with a wind and turbulence at takeoff, due to trees: The beginning of the climb is a little chaotic.
Finally on this video, only 70% of the power has been used! Upcoming upcoming videos after correction

This is a second video with full power avalaible 


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